How hypnosis can help you to achieve your goals

It is good to have goals to work towards in life, but with so many pressures on our work and home life, it may be hard to achieve our goals, as other activities can get in the way, or perhaps we lack motivation and perseverance.


The majority of us know that staying focused on our goals is challenging; it doesn’t matter if it's achieving a job promotion, getting more clients, expanding our businesses, becoming fit or saving for a new car; the way is always paved with good intentions. Other commitments may seem to get in the way, we may need to prioritise other things or simply feel a lack of confidence or motivation to succeed. This could be frustrating and ultimately de-motivate us mainly because we can't attain those goals.


The disappointment in being unable to achieve our objectives can in many cases have adverse effects on other areas of our life. We can truly feel less confident and anxious about our ability to achieve anything. This can stop us:


  • climbing the ladder at work,
  • achieving success in our business, or
  • even hamper whatever we do in our personal life.


The good thing is that there is help available which can make it considerably less troublesome to achieve the goals that we set.


For instance, hypnotherapeutic approaches have been shown to be very worthwhile at helping people to change their thought processes and eventually how they behave; this can assist us to really feel more self-confident and focused in achieving our targets.  A part of the process will probably be to inspire you to chunk down any tasks that you must achieve so you view each step as achievable.  The fulfilment we feel when we achieve good results with the smaller things would also help to inspire us further towards our end goal.


Hypnotherapeutic processes will also help to prevent any anxiety due to the thought of not achieving our objectives, as well as increasing confidence in our ability to achieve anything we set our minds to.  A side-effect of removing any anxiety is that we really feel less under pressure in other areas of our life and this can only be beneficial.


Hypnotherapy can help us to keep a clear head, focus, plan, maintain determination and genuinely feel good about what we are doing.  


Undesirable opinions of ourselves will be replaced with favourable feelings; feelings which permit us to plan and prepare for future success.  With those internal thoughts in position, success is almost a given and who knows what will happen in our businesses or personal life!


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Janet Elliott, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind Massage Hypnotherapy