Hypnotherapy for confidence

  1. Do you find it hard to meet new people and introduce yourself?
  2. Do you shy away from large social groups?
  3. Do you avoid doing presentations?


These days, the way we communicate is increasingly computer based. More and more people feel more comfortable sending emails than communicating face to face. But this is having a negative effect on our society and on our confidence in social situations of all sorts. By using remote communication we are not practising our verbal skills or having the ability to see visual cues.


Apps like Facetime and Skype are better, but you just can't beat a chat over a cup tea or coffee to hone your skills.


So where might it end if we're losing conversational skills perhaps even not learning them in the first place?


Lacking social skills can produce real difficulties, as a lack of confidence may lead to an inability to give of our best and show people how good we are.


A large proportion of hypnotherapy clients I see want more self confidence in scenarios where they might become the centre of attention.  Generally, they may say that they feel self-conscious or they're worried that they will say the wrong thing and look stupid.  As a rule, their answer is to stay away from the limelight and thereby make certain that they do not end up being the centre of attention.


This is a common problem and can be helped with hypnotherapy.  


We can help individuals to feel more self-assured but that isn't where we start, we need the whole story before it can be fixed long term. Often the problem lies with previous events in our early life:


  1. Were you picked on or mocked at school?
  2. Did you feel like the odd one out?
  3. Did you not meet the standards that were expected of you?


These past situations need to be dealt with first to prepare the foundation for establishing new levels of confidence. By reframing these past ordeals we prepare the individual to accept new thought processes that can remain with the client forever.  Once done, we can move on to the next phase – putting it into practice.


As a hypnotherapist, part of this treatment method is to assist the person to enter more social situations to help them expand their confidence naturally.  So we help the client to start building confidence by actually doing those things that caused anxiety, starting small and gradually as their confidence grows taking on more challenging things and enjoying them.


So why not make that commitment to yourself that may help you live your life in a much more satisfying and fulfilling way. 


Just drop me an email (ejanet8@gmail.com) or pick up the phone (01276 919734). You can pop in for a free 30-minute initial consultation and we can find out about each other and how I can help.


Janet Elliott, Clinical Hypnotherapist