Quit the Habit - Stop Smoking Today!

Is stopping smoking one of the most difficult challenges you are facing?  


Some cigarette smokers defeat their addiction through sheer strength of mind alone; however many others find that this approach just doesn't work for them.


Beating a dependency means working at the root of the matter and approaching the subconscious mind. This may be why only a small percentage of smokers are able to quit with will power alone. Our subconscious driving forces are often beyond our conscious awareness and consequently, difficult to control.


For this reason, to boost the likelihood of successfully kicking the habit, it is useful to get to the bottom of the underlying reason for the addiction.  

  1. Do you turn to smoking as soon as you feel stressed?
  2. Do you simply feel that you need something to keep you occupied? 

Knowing the reasons why you do something and being honest with yourself about this, may enable you find the right procedure for letting go.


If you’ve made a number of attempts to quit, perhaps it is now time to admit that you need a little support and help.


Why is a hypnotic approach so productive for those that smoke?


One of the best ways to stop smoking is with hypnotherapy. Statistics show that hypnosis has a high success rate and is more effective than nicotine patches or other methods.” The National Council for Hypnotherapy (www.hypnotherapists.org.uk)


In fact, research shows that a hypnotic approach can be three times more beneficial than nicotine replacement products; this could simply be because that nicotine dependence is only a small part of the overall dependence on smoking.  To really crack a person’s dependency on smoking tobacco, the subconscious habits need to be addressed


Could it actually help me?

  1. Have you made a genuine decision to stop smoking?
  2. Are you prepared for the commitment you will need to quit?

If yes, then the success of the hypnotic approach is greatly enhanced, by us merging the strength of your conscious and subconscious mind. Countless clients find a hypnotic approach to be an incredibly relaxing journey, often discovering that they leave the appointment feeling more confident than before. You can obtain better health for you and your family, think of all the money you will save when you are no longer buying cigarettes.


So why not make that commitment to yourself and your loved ones by deciding today to stop smoking


Just drop me an email (ejanet8@gmail.com) or pick up the phone (01276 919734).


You can pop in for a free 30-minute initial consultation so that we can find out about each other before you make that commitment to hypnotherapy, so there really is nothing to lose.


If you found this helpful, you may also want to sign up to “Stoptober”, support to help you, and thousands more, to stop smoking. https://stoptober.smokefree.nhs.uk


Janet Elliott, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind Massage Hypnotherapy