Are you struggling to achieve your dreams?

We are surrounded by negativity in the media - the news focuses on disasters, very rarely on things that make us feel good.  We as human beings are hard wired to be on the alert for danger; it is a survival instinct going back thousands of years.  But these days the dangers are more perceived than real – there are very few tigers waiting to pounce as we walk down the street!

We are also hard wired to look for things that are wrong so that we can put them right.  This is normal and natural and is part of the learning process, – learning from parents and teachers who may be quick to point out what we have done wrong.  To a certain extent, healthy self-criticism is good as it spurs us on to do better.  However, if we focus exclusively on the negative aspects of our lives, this can lead us down a path of restrictions and limitations which means that we do not realise our full potential - we struggle to achieve our dreams.

What if we could not only have dreams but actually successfully achieve them as well?  Sometimes I ask my clients the magic wand question in relation to the solution to their problem to encourage them to move their minds away from the problem and on to something more positive, “if I could wave a magic wand and things could be as you would like them to be, just create a vision around that.” 

But first you have to let go of  the things that are holding you back, that tendency to be pessimistic, to ruminate on things that have gone wrong, to blame yourself and focus on the negative  voice in your head which tells you that you can’t or shouldn’t  or that you’re not good enough or don’t deserve to be successful. 

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible” Audrey Hepburn. 

What if you could be open to the possibility of doing or thinking something different?  If we carry on doing and thinking the same things we will get the same result.  Hypnotherapy will help you to delve into that part of your mind, the subconscious part to help you create solutions which will allow you to achieve what you desire – you can go anywhere you like in your imagination.

In fact the conscious part of your mind, the thinking, logical, analytical part which is constantly questioning, is like the tip of an iceberg, only 10% of the mind. 

 “Logic will take you from A to Z, imagination will take you anywhere” (Albert Einstein). 

The other 90% is the creative part, the subconscious mind where all our memories and experiences are stored and where feelings are generated.  So with the aid of hypnotherapy we can delve into that part to find some of the positive experiences and good feelings, find that diamond within, , that driving force, that dream which will underpin all that you do and give you the strength and belief that despite all the difficulties, you can achieve your dream.

“A negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity; a positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty”

So take 10 mins out of your day and wave that magic wand and create that vision, which motivates and drives you forward through all the everyday stresses, strains and ups and downs of running your own business.