Weightloss followed by lack of motivation


Weight problems and out of control blood sugar levels brought me to Janet’s door.   My Nephew had asked me if I thought Hypnotherapy would help him to stop smoking and I decided there and then to give hypnotherapy a go myself.

I was apprehensive but very soon in the first session felt at ease, but did wonder how on earth is it was going to help.   It did and with immediate effect!  Almost a year later I have lost weight, my blood sugar is back on track and my relationship with food has never felt so nonchalant or should I say normal and I have lots of energy.

I would recommend Hypnotherapy to anyone and in Janet I do not think I could have found anyone better.  I enjoyed the sessions which I found relaxing, thought provoking and which gave me an understanding of what was motivating me, negatively or positively.  Janet put me at ease and was very kind.   I still don’t know how it works.  Most importantly Janet has given me the opportunity to use what I have learnt going forward.  A big thank you Janet.






(After 1 session) Good news, successful scan yesterday, all down to your session with me.  I thank you very much.




Fear of birds


I plucked up the courage to contact Mind Massage Hypnotherapy to help me with a phobia that was holding me back. Janet was so welcoming and professional and put me at ease. In two sessions a phobia that had been holding me back for years was gone.! It was incredibly relaxing and has given me new found confidence. Highly recommend Janet, very knowledgeable and a really lovely lady.





I just wanted to message you to update you on how much the hypnotherapy helped me. I had a lovely hen weekend and the breathing and sessions you did really helped keep me calm. We had an amazing wedding day and honeymoon and I really do have you to thank for that as I felt so calm! On my wedding day the photographer said I was the calmest bride she had ever worked with! I never thought this was possible! So thank you!


Fear of dogs


"I did really well, no panic, not even when a large dog came running towards me. I stood still and admired the view and he swerved!! 


.......... I was able to stroke an over excited spaniel which jumped up at me and I didn't panic. It was on a lead but not exactly controlled & I was able to stroke it and let it lick my hands!  I also stayed in my hairdresser's room when her 3 month old, rather large, German Shepherd puppy came into the room.


I am feeling very proud of myself!


Thank you again for making such a difference. Rich is amazed!"   Lesley




"I want to thank you not only for your help in my journey to coping with IBS but also your support in reaching a place where I feel much more comfortable and in control of my symptoms and anxiety. Before I came across your hypnotherapy practice, I guess I was a little skeptical on the widely perceived notion of being "put to sleep" . You first explained to me what hypnotherapy actually was, how it could be used and the benefits of this and I felt very open to the idea of giving hypnotherapy a try. 


After just my first session of hypnotherapy, I was stunned at the impact it had on my daily life. My IBS symptoms reduced significantly and importantly I felt less anxious and more in control. Having psychological IBS was difficult from the perspective that I encountered physical symptoms which I knew were stemmed from the mind and were particularly troubling through times of stress. It had become so difficult to break out of the habits and suffering which had developed over a prolonged period. However following my hypnotherapy with you it is now clear that deep relaxation has such a beneficial impact on your mind and body and subsequently this has reduced many of the physical and uncomfortable symptoms that I was suffering with. After only five sessions with you, I have reached a level where I feel I can cope well with my IBS and I feel much happier and relaxed than before- more so than I could have ever imagined.


................. For people who have never tried hypnotherapy, the best way I could describe it is like being in a dream where you are aware of where you are and what is happening but you feel so calm and relaxed almost in a 'dream like state' and yet you still feel comfortable and in control.


Thank you again Janet for not only opening my eyes to the benefits of using hypnotherapy but also for listening to me and offering a new and more beneficial way of thinking. It was clear from our meetings that you are very passionate about being a hypnotherapist and you always made me feel comfortable and I trusted that I was in the company of a professional. You are a brilliant hypnotherapist and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. I do not doubt that we will meet again in the future if I feel I need a "top-up" and I trust that you will continue being successful and that others will be just as pleased as I was that they gave mind and massage therapy a try!"   




"Just to let you know I had wonderful 2 weeks ...... (on holiday), and my IBS only caused me a couple of problems at the end of the 2nd week, but nothing that affected my holiday – and I think I had the 2 best weeks of the British weather.  My celebration anniversary tea ......... also went brilliantly and I had no problems.


I now feel more in control & hopefully listening to the (recordings) will continue to improve my wellbeing."




"Thank you so much for yesterday. It was amazing! I feel like a different person today and can feel all my confidence coming back to me! "


Your session was so good! "


Presentation nerves 


"My presentation.............. was successful, thank you. Initially my audience seemed little interested but I wasn't put off and at the end they were asking good questions. Questions which were a pleasure to answer. So again, thank you for your help."  Martin




"I did go into labour and was up all night with contractions every four minutes with no break, but I guess that's labour!!  Your recordings were invaluable because I was able to focus on them. My doula was up all night with me and we played them over and over all night long!!"  Karen 


Fear of flying


"I just wanted to say thank you so much …………..  I was so much better than the last few times. I'd say the flight there was fine ………………. I was ok (fantastic compared to last time!).  …..  had none of the shaking or panicky feelings I have had previously. And, I wasn't ill for the few days leading up to either flight, was able to pack and think normally, even in the airport.

So, thank you very much!! "  Jo


Fear and anxiety


"I would like to thank you for your therapy sessions.


I am now free from all the negativity that was holding me back and I feel that I have acquired a level of confidence, balance and creative energy that I had never experienced before.  


It has been a great pleasure to meet you."  Paola